School Balls

The school and university balls are a highlight on the year’s event calendar, over the years we have worked with several committees to bring to fruition many spectacular and challenging concepts.
It is our ambition to transform any venue into a work of art within the budget restraints.
With our collection of in-house props, our ability to reinvent the room with creative design ideas will thus lead to an amazing event.
Size does not matter as we accommodate to the amount of guests and budget.



Ellerslie Event Centre - Guineas Room

Eden Park

Stamford Plaza

Pulman Hotel

Rendezvous Hotel - Atlantis

Langham Hotel

Spencer on Byron

Ellerslie Event Centre

Auckland Museum

Pulman Hotel

Vector Arena

Ellerslie Event Centre - Carnival

Ellerslie Event Centre - Masquarade

Ellerslie Event Centre - Starry Night

Auckland Museum - A Night in Paris

Papakura RSA - A Game of Thrones

Rendezvous Hotel - Atlantis

Rendezvous Hotel - A Japanese Garden

Pulman Hotel - The Great Gatsby

Spencer on Byron - Elegance

Crowne Plaza - New York State of Mind

Ellerslie Event Centre - New York Nights

Ellersile Event Centre - New York Nights

Pulman Hotel - Winter Wonderland

Langham Hotel - A night in Paris

Ellerslie Event Centre - A Midsummers Nights Dream

Crowne Plaza - New York State of Mind

Ellerslie - Carnival

Crowne Plaza - New York State of Mind